lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Sinde Law. Queen in the social networks

During the controversial vote in Congress about the Sinde Law, the reactions of users of the network became more apparent than ever. Likewise, congressional pages and the SGAE were blocked, provided the threat of the opponents of the Sinde Law.
But the most striking was the activity that had social networks in this regard and still continues. Through Twitter could be followed live on state ballots, thanks to the live broadcast of those following closely "the event", and repeated comments with the speed of light. The expectation was high. This is a faithful reflection of the ability of instant communication that characterizes social networks and that has revolutionized the world of online communication.
An example of its impact, the artists Alejandro Sanz and Miguel Bosé, among some other celebrities, openly expressed his support for the Law Sinde ... and thus, the SGAE. From the time they made public their view, the feedback from users was immediate. The storm of criticism on both singers reached historic dimensions, including their own fans.
Statements against Alejandro Sanz - labeled #alejandrosanzfacts is the second one - in favor of regulating illegal downloading, claimed: "Cadiz should charge you for using their accent being from Madrid. " And faced with the onslaught of insults, another said between musical notes "OK, maybe I deserve it, " referring to his famous song "It's not the same. "
But it is true that social networks are one of the few avenues for direct communication between artists and audience and the content of messages is not always pleasant. Social networks play their role, for better or worse, to bridge the wide gap. And this is not always favorable for the character.

#sindegate label which enters the first issues of the day, which bluntly demanded the resignation of the Minister of Culture.
The most ironic, wrote "Merry Christmas and Happy 1984" or "this law Sinde is more exciting than a season finale of Dexter. "

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  1. Also, Risto Mejide said by twitter he´s against sinde law

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